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Sarah Azhari, Rahma Azhari, Ibra Azhari, Ayu Azhari, is full of sensational artist, controversy in the entertainment world and has a variety of stories that always did not escape the media's view about their personal life ..

Now I will discuss about Ayu Azhari eldest brother of the three brothers. Ayu Azhari was not inferior to that brother - his brother, not far from his brother's sensations in the entertainment world is none other than about the images - photos syurnya circulating in cyberspace, to be heard in the media .. it is only part of the problem is often caused by Azhari family, what about ayu azhari career in the entertainment world?? Stay tuned ... do not change the channel.

Ayu Azhari or Siti Khadijah artist's birth 19 November 1969, was an actress, model, and singer Indonesia. Azhari family is the 4 sisters consisting of Ayu Azhari, Sarah Azhari, Rahma Azhari, and Ibra Azhari .. Ayu was married 3 times in his life with Djody Gondokusumo (divorced), Teemu Yusuf Ibrahim (divorced), Mike Tramp .. Mike Tramp for international menemai the ayu to her husband overseas, so ayu azhari rarely exist in Indonesia .. Ayu Azhari also played several soap operas including the title of the thread - the thread of gold, between two choices, an angel, and many more. In addition to artists who have a soap opera height 171 cm was also never issued such albums Soundtrack: Between Two Options, Oh darling, There is Love.

Full Name: Siti Khadijah
Nickname: Ayu Azhari
Place/Date of bir: Jakarta, 19 November 1969
Husband Name: Djody Gondokusumo (divorced), Teemu Yusuf Ibrahim (divorced), Mike Tramp
Name of Child: Axel Gondokusumo, Sean Azad, Mariam Nur al-Iman, Solomon Atiq, Isabelle Tramp
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 171
Weight Loss: 52


* Favorite Singers: Sting
* Favorite movie Cast: Robert De Niro
* Last Education: Academy Of Arts, Los Angeles, USA (1993)

-Soap -

* Gold yarn yarn
* Wife Options
* Between Two Options
* Mentari Di Balik Awan
* Always For Forever
* Panji Millennium Man
* Bidadari
* At The Lights
* Patience
* Guest From Jakarta
* Mermaid
* Love Tia Maria
* Fair
* Snow White


* Soundtrack Of Two Options
* Oh, My love
* There is Love


* Note The Boy
* Terrorist Hunter
* Price of a Honesty
* While There is Opportunity
* Know Beres
* Marriage Siti Zubaedah
* Outrage Fugitive
* Oeroeg
* Telegram
* Java Burn
* Follow-Ikutan
* The same Also Lies
* Sex In the Storm
* Two Lover
* Tante Sonya Diaries
* Husband, wife and lover
* Clown-Town Clown
* Ojek
* Rio Sang Juara
* Taxi 2
* Girlfriend Missed Train
* Java Burn
* Mother
* Preman
* The Blind Man from Ghost Cave


* Soundtrack Of Two Options
* Oh, My love
* There is Love

- Performance / Award

* Best Actress Asia Pacific Film Festival (2001)
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